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Heartbreak is one of the most painful side-effects of being human.
We’ll help you to navigate this difficult chapter in your life.

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what is internet counselling?

Our professional counsellors will help you to recognise your problems, discuss them and map out a plan to address them using online therapy. Although face to face counselling is the most recognised form of counselling, many people are reluctant to turn to this, either because they don’t want to or because it may be too difficult to do so.

That’s why our counselling services online aim to reach out to people and deliver high quality and compassionate professional online therapy in your own home.

Our online counselling services offer every individual the same level of support and confidentiality which would come with a traditional meeting with a counsellor or therapist, but also offers alternative solutions to your problems, tailored to your individual needs.

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Join Us and take your first steps to mending your fractured heart. You'll complete an initial assessment, get introduced to your membership support representative and counsellor. We will help and encourage you to explore our online resources and show you how to start your personal online journal.

Angels212 is available 24 hours a day, every day.

Fees - Members pay £60 per month or if they prefer they can get six months’ membership for £300. If an organisation decides to pay for its staff members recovery, then we are happy to invoice directly for £300. Payment in this instance can be made by cheque. And, for new members we offer a 75% discount on their first month’s membership fee. (Our service is VAT exempt in the UK and Sales Tax exempt in the USA)

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