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We know that you want to give your patients the best possible care, but more often than not, you’re limited by the immense volume and complexity of your case load. Angels212 is the solution when you know the trigger for your patient’s sadness or depression is caused by the bereavement or loss of a loved one.

Our group cognitive behavioural therapy package is designed to complement the service you offer to people suffering grief, heartache and heartbreak.

  • Working together

How does it work?


Once they’ve joined us as a member, we’ll assign a membership support representative and a counsellor. They’ll be introduced to the journal facility and will be invited to respond to therapy questions every two weeks, as well as take part in group discussions. Counsellors will monitor their progress and offer personalised advice and encouragement to complete tasks.

Some members may choose to use our service in combination with traditional face–to-face counselling; their journal and CBT diary can prove very useful to a psychologist.


  • How does it work?

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Compared to alternate care options Angels212 is inexpensive. If you believe your patient would benefit from a specialist online cognitive therapy service, they can join us in several ways. Members pay £60 per month or if they want a discount they can acquire 6 months membership for £300 (A saving of £60-00). If a health insurer or health trust approves the use of our service for your patient, then we can send our invoice direct to the provider. (Our service is VAT exempt in the UK and Sales Tax exempt in the USA)


If you’d like to learn more or refer a patient, please give us a call. 01884 250350

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