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"1) Following the death of my partner Zoey, I was in a dark place. My home was a mess, I wasn’t eating properly and I was sleeping during the day and sleepless throughout the night. My senses were fogged in and my body sapped of energy. After the funeral, I didn’t want to go out and I didn’t want people coming to my home. I was looking at my wedding photographs and a voice popped into my head telling me to get help.
I looked on line and found the Angels212 website. It suited me because I didn’t feel I had the energy to visit a Counsellor or Psychologist. I started answering their Cognitive Therapy Tasks and My Journal tasks. I found I could express my feelings and as the weeks went by, very slowly the fog in my head started to lift. I am still fragile, but I feel stronger than I did. My life is more organized, and I am looking forward. My heart is not fully mended, it remains bruised but no longer broken. (Martin O)"


2) "After Cort broke up with me, I could not believe it. How could someone I love, love with and trusted for so long do this to me. I now question everything. If I couldn’t trust him, who could I trust. I thought I could change his mind and convince him he was wrong. I was wrong.

Then I moved out and that was a whole new phase of hurt. I found out that since we broke up he had slept with someone else. Quite within his right, but how dare he! So soon! Did I mean nothing? What does this mean? Who is this guy? It’s not the guy I thought I knew. And yet I would take him back.
I joined Angels212 to try and make sense of my thoughts and I needed this to stop me making silly decisions. Now, I am concentrating on my work and have taken up a new fitness routine. Its been so good to be able to talk about how I feel and to realize I can mend my heartache. (Jackie W)"


3) My life changed in just 12 hours. My wife went to bed and never woke up. This is a quality service which is very supportive as well as being private and discreet. They have thought through all the issues that will help me through this tricky time, as well as finding the things which might get in the way. It’s not a straightforward question and answer exercise process and they are always trying to improve what they offer and make it good value for money.

All the lines of communication are always open and I know that if I have any issues or worries they will be answered promptly and efficiently. They understand the difficulties of coping with bereavement and know that it is never straightforward. I like the three-way open emailing we have but there is also the private communication that we have within Angels212.

John is very caring and has more empathy than many men I know.

Even after what’s happened over the past year and a bit, Angels212 has enabled me to process what I have had to contend with more successfully. They have helped me every step of the way. I look forward to the next questions and being able to talk about my responses with others in the group. There’s no pressure on us to have questions answered by a set time and we can set our own pace. It may be that some questions we will find more difficult to face than others. It’s a non threatening way of encouraging you to regain the balance in your life which you had lost.” (Philip S.)



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