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Grief Counselling Online

Angels212 is here to help you learn how to deal with grief where you may lose a member of your family or a friend. We can help you deal with the pain, anxiety and heartbreak caused by the loss of a treasured relationship.

What is grief counselling?


Grief in the family can be difficult for everyone - grieving is a natural process caused by a significant loss. It is important to recognise these feelings and deal with them, rather than pushing them under the surface where they will continue to grow and be more difficult to cope with at a later stage. Bereavement counselling aims to find an effective way to deal with the emotions evoked by such a loss. 

We believe that the best way of dealing with grief is to share your thoughts and feelings, whether you choose to share them with your personal online counsellor, or in our online grief support groups. We also offer an online diary service where you can record your daily life to help you on the road to recovery for those moments you don’t yet feel ready to share. 

We cater for a wide range of people, from parents suffering from the loss of a child, to those suffering the death of a grandparent. Often unexpected emotions can leave you feeling lost and confused, elongating the grieving process and leaving you feeling unhappy - dealing with these emotions through grief therapy is an essential on the path to recovery. 

Angels212 also supports those dealing with the loss or breakdown of a relationship. Coping with a separation or divorce can also be a difficult chapter in your life to cope with, often leaving you feeling as if there is nowhere to turn. We are here for you, for support, a listening ear, and loss therapy, for as long as you need us. Our grief support groups and personal grief counselling sessions can provide an uplifting experience of people dealing with a similar situation to you, making sure you do not feel alone at every step.

How does Angels212 counselling for grief work?


When you sign up for Angels212’s grief online counselling service you will be assigned a highly qualified grief counsellor who will help you to talk about your feelings, and build a plan to cope with your loss. Our grief forums will give you a safe place to discuss the way you are feeling after your loss, and offer a great way for many people who may have difficulty seeing a counsellor face to face to reach out for support. 

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